Linrose Care Ltd.

– starting a new challenge of skin care natural products –

Linrose care is a registered trademark skincare brand based in London started a challenge of skin care natural products with strong team of researchers to develop unique and visionary products, easy to understand and use.

Our Valued Customers

  • Shaun
    Great protection (SPF 50 for normal and dry skin) easy application, easy to absorb. No break outs - I am happy, and would suggest it to those who have dry-normal or problem skin. I am very picky about skin care, but this cream is quite good.
  • Simona
    Great sun protection (SPF 50 for dry skin), smooth application and easy to absorb. I would suggest it to those who have dry-normal skin. I have a sensitive skin and this one all right for me.
  • Diana
    Linrose sun cream is good product. It is not greasy or sticky. Goes on well. It evens out my skin tone and leaves a natural looking glow. I have acne prone skin and so far no breaks outs as a result of this.
  • Nadia
    I had some acne spot on my face. I visited dermatologist couple times but no improvement. A friend advised me to use Linrose Sulphur soap thanks God the spots cleared on my face. I really recommend this soap it worked good on my face.
  • Layla
    I have been using Linrose pigmolite soap for a while I really feel my skin clearer and brighter. I feel really great